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Local: Our local Placenta Encapsulation Services are available for soon to be Mommies who are delivering in Oklahoma City and nearby areas (located within a 50 min radius). If you're located just above the radius, contact us so we can arrange special accommodation. 

Nationwide: We offer nationwide Placenta Encapsulation Services for soon to be Mommies that live in the USA. We send you our Nationwide Shipping Kit. The shipping kit includes everything you'll need to safely package and ship your placenta to us. We follow strict safety standards and a fast turnaround so you start using your placenta products soon after birth. 

Get in contact with us if you have any questions before checkout.

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Here are some of the things your placenta can help with:

• Lessens the risk of developing postpartum depression or “baby blues.”

• Replenishes your iron from blood loss.

• Prevents postpartum anemia.

• Lends you a consistent flow of oxytocin long after labor. 

• Helps establish an early healthy milk supply thanks to the hormone HPL.

• Helps stabilize your hormones.

• Replenishes your B vitamins and energy that was used during labor. 

• Protects you from infection and excessive bleeding.

• Serves as a natural pain reliever. 

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