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About Peace of Mommy Laboratories


Peace of Mommy Encapsulation is a privately owned Lab located in Oklahoma City. We have one mission- to make Placenta Encapsulation services available for every mother and to spread awareness of the amazing benefits. We have dedicated to preparing placentas because of a deep rooted passion for postpartum care. We hold morals and values above all else and would love to support mothers during & after birth process.

About Us: About Us

Beth Vega, Owner & CEO of 
Peace of Mommy Encapsulation

After having my first baby. I had a very hard time dealing with “baby blues” and postpartum depression. Unfortunately, I discovered the arts of Placenta Encapsulation long after my first born. I would often ask myself, “How come I never heard about Placenta Encapsulation when I was pregnant?” That’s when my interest for learning about the amazing benefits of Placenta Encapsulation began. I began training under The Placenta & Postpartum Association. I received rigorous and in-depth training for placenta preparation. I then earned my Blood-borne Pathogens and OSHA’s Safe Food Handling Certifications. After meeting all the requirements, I am a Certified Placentologist. We have proudly encapsulated over 100 placentas during the past two years.

My Placenta Encapsulation Experience

The thought of encapsulating my placenta was the only thing keeping me hopeful for a positive postpartum experience during my second pregnancy. I started taking the capsules when I was 3 days postpartum. The very next day my milk supply was overflowing, something I had never experienced with my first born. As I continued taking the capsules, I noticed my mood improved. I started feeling better and more optimistic. I started actually enjoying the experience of having a newborn. I noticed I had a big spike of energy every time I would take the capsules.  Even though I wasn't getting enough sleep, I felt very energized during the day. My bleeding stopped within the first week of taking the capsules and my uterus shrunk back to its normal size surprisingly fast. And the biggest thing for me was not getting postpartum depression this time around. Every postpartum experience is different, but I can confidently say that the placenta capsules give you a good jump start after birth. All I can say is that if you have the chance to encapsulate your placenta, DO IT! Its definitely worth trying.

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